bill-21Bill Lattrell loves wild places.  His professional career and private life has been dedicated to the understanding of natural history and to the understanding of the ecological community.  He began his love of nature during his childhood where he started identifying plants and wandering around the woods when he was a young boy.  Bill began writing about nature at an early age, and continues to do so today.  Nearly 20 years ago he started contributing articles to the Heath Herald and many of the articles posted in were originally published in that newspaper.  Bill is presently a free lance writer.

Bill is a Professional Wetland Scientist and Restoration Ecologist. He presently works under the name Lattrell Ecological Consulting. He has over 25 years experience as a professional ecologist evaluating wetlands, wildlife habitat, designing restoration of sensitive natural environments, and implementing those restorations.  Bill received his Master’s Degree from Antioch New England Graduate School in Resource Management.  He teaches ecology to graduate students at the Conway School of Landscape Design as an adjunct faculty member, a position he has held for 21 years. He is presently certified as a Professional Wetland Scientist by the Society of Wetland Scientists, and as a Certified Wetland Scientist by the New Hampshire Board of Natural Scientists.

Presently Bill lives in Heath, MA with his wife Maureen O’Malley.  Bill and Maureen live in a house that they built, primarily from materials from the land they own.  There they raised two sons, Brendan and Liam, who are now adults. Bill and Maureen lived in a small cabin they built on the land prior to building the house.  Bill lived in a tipi for two years before that on the same piece of land.

Bill still spends much of his spare time wandering about the woods.  He frequently travels to the northern wilds of Quebec where part of his family originated.  Bill is a descendant of both Abenaki and Cherokee Native American ancestors as well as European ancestors.  He believes his close ties with the natural world are innate and originate from his Native American ancestry.

Bill Lattrell is a student of the Gaia principle, a belief that planet earth is one living organism.  His strong belief in thinking global and acting local has been demonstrated in his 20 year membership on the Heath Conservation Commission (15 years as the Chairman), a founding member of The Deerfield River Watershed Association (5 years as President), a founding member of the Deerfield River Compact (5 years as Chairman), and a Charter member of the Association of Massachusetts Wetland Scientists.

Bill is also an avid outdoorsman and amateur outdoor photographer spending much of his recreational time fishing,hunting and taking photos of all things wild.

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