Warm Sweet Breath

Your warm sweet breath

falls gently on my neck

with a slight quiet murmer

issued by late night dreams

on this early spring eve

Almost awake, I am aware

of the tone of who you are

gentle, caring, a person who breaths love

for others above all

before yourself

In my sleepy state I remember

our first date it lasted 3 days

Love from the beginning for me

and for you it took a while longer

caution is part of your modesty

I treasure the tender memory

of you and our two infant sons

your grace wrapped in care

your embrace with each child

love after all is love

You touch me inside and out

like no other ever could

You’ve taught me to bend

with both wind and will

I am no longer inflexible

And on this quiet silent night

I am content to hold these feelings

knowing your peaceful slumber

will bring me peace and joy

for each moment we are together

Your warm sweet breath

falls gently on my neck

slowly I drift into deep slumber

where love and truth are the same

life as it was meant to be

Written in the spring of 2015. Photo taken in 1984.

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