Apology to Mother Earth

100_1915aI am sorry.  As a member of the human race I find it necessary to apologize for what we have done to our planet.  I offer no excuse.  Even when we knew were doing an injustice to this wonderful planet, we chose to make the wrong choice.  Why?   Perhaps we believed that your resources were infinite.  Perhaps we thought that the earth had an unending capability to recover.  Perhaps we believed that no matter how much harm we did there would always be enough time and knowledge to correct our terrible choices.  Perhaps we were greedy.  And perhaps we thought we were master of our own domain and it just didn’t matter.


Please forgive us.  From the beginning we were a seriously flawed species. Yes, we evolved from other species that were living in harmony with the Earth.  As we advanced through the various evolutionary cycles our intellect began to replace our instinct.  Now we don’t value instinct.  We think that our intellect knows all, or is capable of knowing all.  In reality we know very little, almost nothing in the grand scheme of things. From the beginning of civilization we thought we were the center of the universe.  As evidence refuted that concept we still remained steadfast in that thought.  We were so self absorbed that we even had philosophical arguments like “if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise!”   As a human being I am embarrassed to admit this.


As one who believes in Gaia, that our planet is one living organism, I am saddened to think that we humans have let the rest of our partners in this world down.  We have the capability of understanding that all organic and inorganic parts of this world are dependent on each other, and that the sum of our parts is vastly greater than the whole.  For some reason we do not understand this. Please understand that we know not what we do.  We are an ignorant species.


Nearly all organisms face potential failure.  Our survival may depend upon fortuitous accidents.  Can humans understand this and accept their limited role in the earth’s good health?


Our actions speak louder than our words.  It is ironic that we have evolved to be able to utilize language but we do not have a vocabulary that allows us to understand our place in the world.  When we should walk lightly we tread heavily on our precious resources.  When we should show a will to survive through an understanding of how the natural world massages our soul we act as if we alone control our own destiny.  When we should show humility we demonstrate contempt.  I am so, so sorry.


My greatest hope is that despite of all the disrespect we have shown mother earth, it will show her great reserves and rebound from the havoc that humans have provoked.  If this occurs, and the human race survives, it is my greatest wish that we finally see the light.  We are not masters of the universe.  We are just a fragile piece of the puzzle that can help to make our beautiful planet whole.  I am not hesitant to say that if we can not do that we have no right to be here at all. 


Please accept my apology.  I know that it is not enough.  I know that it does not represent the total human attitude.  But it can be a new beginning. 


We are a planet that began as a molten, gaseous stew catapulting through the universe.  Our beginning, whether by accident or intelligent design, was nothing less than breath taking.  Time has been the great enabler.  Inorganic has become organic.  We are now one living organism. Perhaps time can help again.


I am sorry, mother earth, please forgive my species.


 Written for www.Wildramblings.com March 2009.

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