Into the Future

I left the tipi

not knowing when I would return

perhaps tomorrow

perhaps never

You stood by the gravel road along the brook

your auburn hair in a French knot

falling over your gentle shoulders

like water flowing over smooth stones

My hounds moved in your direction

they knew I had met my match

your cotton shirt tied around your waist

your easy smile

My heart beat elevated to new heights

after being nearly still for too long

now renewed hope; renewed rhythm

the pitter patter of love

You looked over your shoulder

and began walking along the winding road

I hesitated but the hounds followed your sweet scent

and led me into the future.

Written for my wife.  April 2015.

  • Montucky

    Beautiful, Bill!

  • Wild_Bill

    Thank you!

  • Ratty

    Your story shows how smart dogs can be. I always trust my dog’s instincts.

  • Teresa Evangeline

    Just lovely, Bill. Yes, dogs instincts are always to be trusted … they know gentle spirits. ;) )

  • Wild_Bill

    Yes Ratty dogs are very aware.

  • Wild_Bill

    And evidently they knew what was best for me in 1979.

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