Edge of Winter

The last edge of winter

retreats north

like Laurentide glaciers

in search of

the ends of earth

Icy white changes

to cold fluids

Anxious to find

deep channels

that run to the sea

Memories fade

to mere shadows

of the past

I am left


Written for www.wildramblings.com in March of 2015

  • http://everyday-adventurer.blogspot.com/ Ratty

    I’m already starting to kind of miss winter. I haven’t really done it much in the past few years, but I used to enjoy going out in the snow for a good hike. I wanted to do that again this year but winter just seemed too short here this time.

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Our winter in the northeast was long and cold. 2nd coldest on record. Interesting how different it can be from one part of the country to the other.

  • Emily Brisse

    Beautiful and haunting. Carrying this with me today, Bill.

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    I am so happy that you like this. Wasn’t sure but decided to post it to see what people thought. I liked it personally but tend to be a not so good judge of my own work. Thank you.

  • Montucky

    I like this piece very much Bill! Your opening lines about winter retreating north will stay with me for a long time, to be remembered every spring.

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Thank you Montucky. Now if only I could learn to write poetry anywhere near as well as you take photographs!

  • Teresa Evangeline

    Lovely, Bill, and a tad melancholy, which I happen to love in poetry. :)

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Thank you. From my point of view. The melancholy feeling stems from, I think, the unspoken parallel between the end of winter and our current climate change crisis.

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