Lac Wetetnagami-Photographic Video-August 2014

Here is my recent photographic video of our adventure in northern Quebec that was posted on Youtube!

Me taking in the view!

Twilgiht at Wetetnagami

Sany beach with Tussock Sedge at Lac WetetnagamiTwilight at Wetetnagami

Day's end, the Marine, Lac Wetetnagami

Final light Lac Wetetnagami

  • Montucky

    Really liked the video! That’s a great way to show the feeling of a place.

  • Wild_Bill

    Thanks Montucky! Enjoyed making this. My first try at making a photographic video. I learned a lot and hopefully the next one will improve. It is hard to capture the experience of being there though. The music somehow helps, and proper placement of photos with music, but still not the same as the real life experience as you well know!

  • Barbara

    All terrific Bill – such a great fishing vacation. So glad you get to enjoy Quebec’s wilderness still… love the video and the photos… So wonderful to see some of Canada’s northern beauty being enjoyed!

  • Wild_Bill

    You Canadians have some of the planet’s most beautiful places. I feel fortunate that you are willing to share them with us. Having come from Canadian First American ancestry I most always feel “at home” in your wonderful country, particularly in it’s wild places. Yes, we certainly enjoyed our time there this year. Cannot wait to return!

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