To Winter With Love

Blue Heron Nests on Ice

Winter, stark and killer of the frail, you know no bounds, you hold no grudge. Your cold northwest winds bring tears. Not tears of joy or tears of sadness but tears that freeze as they run down my frozen cheeks. I do not fear your bitter cold. I embrace these moments when life hangs by a mere icy thread.

Winter, you are the force that sets me free. Free to remain here in your grip, or I could seek a warm woodstove to thaw my frozen feet, but I choose to stay. I would not respect my own constitution if I bent to unnecessary and undeserved comfort.

Winter, your fury takes no prisoners. You are what you are; cold, uncalculating, without care or wants, you are the face of the savage side of the natural world. I have lived a long life, never fearing your power or avoiding your pain. I embrace what you have to offer though the bounty may be bleak. I eat your snow not to quench my thirst but to bring your cold inside of me. To make you part of my body and my soul.

Winter, you have nipped my toes with your frosty bite. To this day they are weakened by your appetite. And I really have no regrets. I wear these scars as a badge of honor. Knowing that your fierce breath had brought me to the brink. I still stand on both feet, leaning a little to the left.

Winter, you change my world. Your cold stills waters and makes them intractable. The tundra-like earth no longers yields to my spade and snow covers the landscape that is long since green and full of life. And yet, you are not death, but simply a respite from comfort. It is your presence that helps me to understand the cycle of nature. You complete my circle.

Winter, your cold breath may be stilled. There may be a day, soon, when I will grieve your loss. Perhaps you will outlast me and I will pass on first. I would like that. It’s hard to watch an old friend die.

Winter, stark and killer of the frail, you know no bounds, you hold no grudge. And the tears that I feel now are not from your cold northwest wind but from the fear that we may no longer be together.

This post is my 250th post on  A bit of a landmark representing about 1000 pages of writing.

Winter Knows No Bounds

Written for in February 2013

  • Teresa Evangeline

    I have never been able to capture a good snow picture, there yours is on the bottom. Perfect! I dream of summer but am still actually enjoying the snow and tonight the wind… The elements are what they are… a lesson for all of us… Very nice post, Bill.

  • Wild_Bill

    Thanks Teresa. I’m fooling around with some different writing imagery. This simple prose poetry makes one use few words to say a lot. I still have work to do with this writing style but its feels right. Changing things up now and then seems to make every thing more interesting. Writing is a dynamic craft.

  • Montucky

    I like the feel of this, Bill! We share a love of winter, for what it is and for its reason.

  • Wild_Bill

    Thank you. You know I get a little tired of people who live in the north that complain about winter failing to realize its ecological importance, the nourishment it can provide for the soul, and the sheer beauty it beholds!

  • Guy

    Hi Bill

    An interesting post, your expressed it well. We are part of a cycle here and if we lose it we loose not only the nature world we know but a large part of our culture.

    All the best on your landmark post.


  • Wild_Bill

    Thanks Guy. Of course, you are absolutely right, not only do we hurt our ecological communities with the loss of winter but also our northern cultural heritage. And as I’ve always said if you live in the north and don’t like winter there are places like Florida, southern California, Arizona, and Texas who would love to have a few more residents and your expendable income.

  • Wendy

    “I eat your snow not to quench my thirst but to bring your cold inside of me. To make you part of my body and my soul.” Beautiful love letter to this fierce season.

  • Wild_Bill

    Thank you. Straight from the heart! Winter is inspirational. What would we be without inspiration?

  • Annie

    Beautifully written and a nice change of style. It’s always fun to try something else. Congratulations on your landmark.

  • Wild_Bill

    Thank you Annie. Fun to play with this. Looking forward to your next post!

  • Jansen

    Bill–the more I learn about our land (a few pieces of which you’ve captured beautifully above!) and you, the more I respect and love both. I love the way you’ve written this and have felt like saying similar things to all those who complain about winter around here. We ought to spend a little more time sometime in the near future talking about what it is that’s all around us. You’ve been here a lot longer than my wife and I, and you have such a wisdom and perspective that I’d love to get just an inkling of. Please do keep rambling and writing past this milestone. I look forward to reading much more!

  • Wild_Bill

    Thank you Jansen. Your property is certainly one of the most unique and important ecosystems in the Town of Heath. It is very evident that both you and Kerry love this property. The very large beaver pond is like no other in the area. Rife with wildlife it is the center of the universe for many animals and plants alike. I’ve been writing for dozens and dozens of years and don’t intend to stop too soon. Anytime you want to hike around your land together let me know. There is much to be discovered.

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