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Dawn; the beginning of a new day. The dark night fades. Stars, once brilliantly pulsating in the sky, are snuffed as daylight begins to show its face. On the horizon, first a pallid glimmer, slowly followed by a soft pink blaze and then sheer and loving light, nearly white, displaying distant views. The clouds on the horizon look like blue jack o’ lanterns as light pours through fluffy separations that appear as features on a face.

I am reminded that this scene is universal. Across this bold and beautiful planet day break can be experienced by all those who have access to the outdoors or an east facing window. And in my opinion, if you really want to appreciate the beauty of this earth, it should be experienced by all who are not willing to relinquish our future.

Red Varnish Conk

Day break is, perhaps, the most eloquent symbol of a new day. Life becomes most visible to all those willing to open their eyes. It is a time of renewal; of new chance. Perhaps a time of rebirth for both spirit and ideas. And that it happens each and every 24 hours in any particular place is miraculous.

On this day a human child will be born giving hope to his or her parents that will love their offspring throughout eternity. Love brings hope.

On this day a flock of blackpoll warblers flies south across the Atlantic Ocean on their annual migration. They will fly a distance of over 1900 miles over the cold sea in about 88 hours without stopping. Their determination is likely unrivaled in the natural world. Determination will bring success.

On this day rain will fall over the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. Some of it will run off into the North Branch River which eventually flows into the great Potomac. Before the end of its journey this water will reach the Atlantic Ocean where it will evaporate only to begin a new journey. Another completed cycle on this magic planet we call Earth. Natural cycles need to be recognized and treated with respect if we are to stay within the bounds of this planets resources.

On this day a teacher will give encouragement to a child that will foster both independence and forward thinking. A thinker will be born; someone who will not be swayed by politics or popularity but by the pureness of intellect. And the world will be a better place for this. Knowledge is truth.

On this day a juvenile red fox will leave its parents. It has learned to forage and will seek its own territory. This predator will engage in the natural cycle and become part of the food chain helping an ecosystem maintain a pure and unadulterated balance. Balance is the key to life.

Fallen White Ash Leaf

On this day a tree will shed a leaf in preparation for fall dormancy. The leaf will decompose over time and provide nutrients for the tree from which it was shed. A perfect use of energy from last year’s sun. Reuse and repurpose helps us to learn from the past and brings a bright future.

On this day countless living entities will perish. Some will find this sad, even earth shaking, but in fact it is the earth’s natural cycle and room is made for a new life. When good things come to an end a bright future is established for a new generation.

Turkey Tail

And on this day I will be reminded that my time on this planet is relatively short and I must make the most with whatever time I might have left in this circle of life. I must help others see that our natural ecosystems are full of joy and full of hope. I must help others see that not only are our ecosystems precious but imperative. In fact the human species cannot survive without this planet’s healthy and crucial ecosystems but those ecosystems can survive without us. If we want our species to continue then we must change how we behave and interact with Gaia. We must limit our greedy use of the planets resources and emphasize conservation, regeneration and renewal. We are one living planet and degradation of one element of this earth impacts all of the other living parts. My hope is that personal commitment will contribute in some small way to Earth’s future.

As the old saying goes “Each new day brings hope”. Truer words were never spoken.

Written for www.wildramblings.com in September of 2012.

  • Teresa Evangeline

    This might be my favorite column of yours. I love the clear way in which you remind us what is of true substance and that we can all participate in the health of this planet. Very nice. The photo of sunflowers and barn is wonderful.

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Thank you very much Teresa. There is much to be said on this topic. Too often there is discouraging news but in fact there is room for hope and action.

  • Amber Galusha

    I’m with Teresa; this is one of my favorites, Bill! What a profound post. And the photos … lovely. Thank you for the gentle reminder to be mindful of our wondrous Mother Earth.

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Thank you Amber. Yes mindful, but also active. We have now reached the tipping point where it is necessary for us all to take personal action and think positively on this issue.

  • Annie

    As the glow of light is just starting to glow in my east facing office window I am reading your beautiful post. Your comments remind me of a comment from one of our visiting students when asked about wetlands, she said “it’s all connected”. Not as eloquent as your words but I thought it was perfect. It is and we are, all connected. Most of us just don’t realize it.

    Love the photo of the sunflowers.

  • Wendy

    The morning rises cloud covered here in eastern Missouri, the air cool and still. Your words remind me of rising last week in the heart of Yellowstone to see the late crescent moon setting with Venus hovering near by, brilliant at dawn over that magnificent wild place. You bring me the good news of life on earth, Her faithful commitment to life in all its cycles of living and dying.

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Thank you Annie as a wetland scientist and ecologist I really appreciate the notion of the student who commented “it’s all connected”! Hopefully a moment of realization for that individual that will stay with him or her for life!

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Many of us are members of the ecological choir, our message needs to get out to those who do not understand. There are few places more beautiful than Wyoming where the majority of Yellowstone is situated. I need to get back to Wyoming one of these days. It is unbelievable.

  • Montucky

    When we get the majority to have the feel for this earth and our relationship to it, then I will see hope for our species.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sue.sweeney Sue Sweeney

    This is how the world works. Very comforting to know that we are each part of the infinite cycle of life, rising and falling with the trees.

  • Sandy

    I love this post, Bill. It was the perfect way to start my day.

    How the $%## does that star thing work? I just gave you -8 stars, and I can’t get them off!!

  • Sandy

    I love this post, Bill. It was the perfect way to start my day.

    How the $%## does that star thing work? I just gave you -8 stars, and I can’t get them off!!

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    We’re working on it. You are correct, awareness and connection is the key!

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Comforting and humbling. I feel so small in a forest, and yet so much a part of it!

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Thanks Sandy. I’m not sure how the star thing works. I’ll check it out. But -8 stars is OK because I know you meant well! Besides, I need to be knocked down a peg or two every once in a while!

  • Barbara

    It’s a rainy mid-morning here in Ontario and a Sunday when I love to read your posts Bill. Like many of your followers and readers, this is a favourite. And what surprises me a bit – we are both thinking along the same lines. Before I read yours, mine of today is about hope. What is it that sparks this hope I wonder when I look around and see the destruction caused by the human species, (through lack of awareness and knowledge mostly I think)? But you are right there is hope if enough people become aware and we are able to reach the tipping point to return balance to this amazing world of ours. Thanks for the beautiful word pictures, the brilliant photographs, and the reminder that there is always hope – let’s keep working!

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    What I always like about your posts, Barbara, are the hopeful and inspirational messages. Yes, we do think along the same lines. And thank you very much for the compliments.

  • Guy

    Hi Bill

    Here’s to hope.


  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Although apparently time is not on our side we must never give up hope. One person at a time we must change the way we behave.

  • Emily B

    Simply: this is beautiful, Bill. Thank you.

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Coming from you, this is a wonderful compliment, Emily. Thank you!

  • http://www.colorofsand.wordpress.com/ Cirrelda Snider-Bryan

    I have not read all of these particular actions/actors pooled together before. Let me tell ya – you hit a home run here, grouping all these things, showing their importance side by side. Thanks.

  • http://www.wildramblings.com Wild_Bill

    Thanks Cirrelda your comments mean a lot to me. Knowing I hit a home run with you let’s me know that my writing is on the right track. I really appreciate the support!

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