Back From the Boreal Forest of the Hudson Bay Watershed

While I’m adjusting back to civilization, or at least my version of it, I am posting these photos from my recent trip to the boreal forest region of Quebec.  As many readers know I go every year.  This year was not a disappointment, in fact it was spectacular!  I will write a couple of stories/articles about this soon!

Best walleye of the week, and an all time personal best for me, seven pounds twelve ounces!

More later with verse!

  • naquillity

    i know you were a happy man with that catch… that’s a beauty… love your other pictures. i’ll bet you had a great time. hope all is well. have a great day~

  • Emily B

    Amazing! I always love your photographs, and that last one of your with that HUGE FISH brought a big smile to my face. :)

  • Out On The Prairie

    That walleye is great, my best is 61/2 lbs. It is the only fish I really like to eat other than trout.What a beautiful area, I need to get up there again.

  • Wild_Bill

     Yes, the north of Canada is wonderful, Labrador, New Foundland, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or BC-take your pick- once you find the boreal forest life is good. 

    Walleye is my all time favorite fresh water fish.  Nothing is better.  Now I’m shooting for a ten pounder!

  • Wild_Bill

     There are many more photos to come with my next post that I am presently thinking about, soon to be written.  I was very happy the whole week but especially happy after catching a personal best walleye! 

  • Wild_Bill

     Happy can hardly begin to describe what I feel in the far north.  It is kind of like I was meant to be there.  Wilderness, wilderness, and more wilderness.  What could be better!

  • Teresa Evangeline

    Congrats on the walleye. I trust you know to eat the cheeks, too.  Yummy.

  • Wild_Bill

     Yep on the cheeks as long as its a decent size walleye and yes, yummy! 
    We had some delicious fried walleye last week and also a terrific pike
    recipe cooked with sage and garlic butter!

  • Sandy

    Nothing at all! I can’t wait to hear more about the trip. Nice fish!

  • Wild_Bill

     Too many adventures to write about in one story, that’s for sure.

  • Montucky

    Pretty scenery and a terrific fish! I will look forward to your stories about the trip!

  • Wild_Bill

     My favorite part of the world that I have visited.  There is nothing like wilderness and wilderness with abundant lakes is nearly beyond description.

  • Nature Drunk

    Wow! That’s some fish, and that sunset … spectacular! 

  • Wild_Bill

    Just a lucky guy, I guess!

  • Wild_Bill

    Just a lucky guy, I guess!

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